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NewsServant Leadership Day – Šumarice


Each year, Opportunity Bank traditionally organizes Servant Leadership Day. It is a day when the Bank works hard to deliver the message of its mission and values to all the employees, clients as well as to local communities that it serves. The main goal of the event is to support local communities to restore, refresh or otherwise renew one of the institutions of importance to all locals. In addition to the donation, we try to get personally involved and thus strengthen the relationship with our clients, strengthen the team spirit among all our employees and get to know each other better regardless of our place of work, position or age.

This year, the Bank took somewhat different approach in choosing local communities to support with its donation by organizing voting online through the official Facebook page. Communities of Šumarice (Divostin and Drača), Velika Drenova and Mošorin received the highest number of votes.

On Saturday, 4 August, we visited elementary school „Jovan Popović“ in Šumarice, a beautiful place near Kragujevac which is also home to the famous „Kragujevački oktobar“ Memorial Park. “Jovan Popović” elementary school has three branches: Šumarice, Divostin and Drača, which are located 6 km, 11 km and 13 km from Kragujevac, with a total of 150 students attending classes. Year after year, this school increases the number of students, especially first-graders, for whom the school is the main place of gathering. These schools are four-year schools attended by children of ages between 7 and 11.

Šumarice skola Šuamrice

Šumarice skola Šuamrice

All 70 of Bank employees who took part in the event received a warm welcome from our hosts in Šumarice, so everyone was full of enthusiasm and in a good mood as we started the renovation work. It was necessary to refresh the fence around the school, the facade of the building and the carpentry (inside and outside) with a new layer of color, and most importantly – to lay a path by which students can, regardless of the weather, reach the sports playground. OBS volunteers were joined in this venture by the school teachers led by their principal who was more than willing to stop their summer vacation and lend us a helping hand.

The Bank has also donated new laminate floors to all three branches, as well as staircase and bathroom tiles which will be placed just before the start of the new school year.

As always, we created a lot of new friendships and left Šumarice with joy in our hearts, ready for new volunteering activities scheduled for August and September in Velika Drenova and Mošorin.