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NewsOpportunity Bank launches the BORROW WISELY! campaign


On October 2nd, Opportunity Bank Serbia announced the official launch of the third annual BORROW WISELY! campaign – a one month educational campaign aimed mainly at current and potential loan clients. The campaign is organised under the auspices of the Microfinance Centre – an international organisation which promotes international customer protection standards and financial education. The campaign will run in fifteen countries, including Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Spain, Romania, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

The BORROW WISELY! campaign draws together a simple checklist of questions which all customers should ask themselves before taking out a loan, in order to ensure they take on safe and responsible levels of debt. Throughout the campaign, which runs throughout October, Opportunity Bank will promote the campaign by sharing educational materials on the prevention of indebtedness and prudent house budget management with its clients, employees and the public. In addition, Opportunity Bank’s clients in Novi Sad Branch who use free “Client Internet Corner” have a chance to complete the online “Financial Health-Check Test” and get advice on how to improve their household budget management skills.

The Microfinance Center is an organisation founded in 1997, with 104 members, including microfinance institutions, investors and support organisations working in microfinance. MFC organises training, consultancy, networking and research for members for development of microfinance services in Europe and Central Asia. MFC promotes international customer protection standards and financial education.