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Client storiesWhere the flowers are always in bloom


Story about Stevanovic family

Slobodan Stevanović started his flower production career timidly, in a small greenhouse. Today, the production takes place in four vast and equipped greenhouses, thanks to the loan he took. The flowers never stop blooming in these gardens. Various sorts of flowers and seedlings are offered throughout the entire year. According to Slobodan, the conditions he was granted by Opportunity Bank for the loan for sowing were realistic and more favorable than other conditions on the market, largely due to cooperation with client advisers of the Bank.

He repaid the invested funds in a short period of time after starting the business, and the loan enabled him to expand production and become independent. Investment made at the right time resulted in distinguishing his business from competitors and achieving high profitability.

“I do not think that indebtedness in current economy represents a necessary evil. I rather see it as a good move if there is a clear goal” Stevanović said and emphasized that cooperation with the Bank, which always represents him as a role model of successful business, brought him new customers.

We could say that his family as the main support to his business, his ten-year experience and support from the Bank which came at the right time represent the basic success criteria in case of Slobodan Stevanović, one of the largest flower producers in the Obrenovac region.