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NewsServant Leadership Day 2015


The “Servant Leadership Day”, which is traditionally organized by Opportunity Bank, is one of the most beautiful days in the business year of the Bank. It is a day when, in line with the Mission, volunteers from Opportunity Bank provide help to small and rural communities in which the Bank operates.

This year, the activities were organized in two regions, Valjevo and Uzice, in villages where the Bank has a lot of clients. The aim was to support the transformation of our clients, their communities and families.

The Bank has donated 5 computers to two branches of elementary school “Milan Munjas”, which is based in Ub and provides classes for students in grades 1-4. Both of these two branches are small rural schools in Trlic and the village of Gvozdenovic that together have just over 40 pupils.

At the same time, in Uzice region, in the village of Seca Reka, we helped the local Cooperative Centre by donating new joinery. The Center represents a gathering place for small farmers in the region and it was our desire to enable them to remain in their villages so they can take part in the agricultural development and transformation of their local communities.

In Trlic, in line with Opportunity Bank Mission, we recognized strong will and desire of children to acquire the basic knowledge and computer literacy and decided to support their search for self-improvement and prosperity. The aim was to provide the students in remote, rural areas with an opportunity to acquire knowledge in order to stand equal with their peers from urban, city areas that are given a far greater number of choices and opportunities to learn and grow.

In the spirit of good friendship, the volunteers of the Bank additionally donated and planted over 70 seedlings – saplings, thujas and flowers, and thus gave “roots” to this new friendship. This day was marked by the joint effort of pupils, their parents and teaching staff of the school, with the help of locals who also actively participated in our action to support the small school in TRLIC in order to maintain and preserve its over 180 years long tradition.