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NewsOne hundred thousand loans for business development and improvement of the standard of living of Opportunity Bank clients


Since its founding in 2002 to the present, Opportunity Bank has successfully achieved its mission of providing financial support to clients with difficult access to banking services, such as micro and small entrepreneurs and agricultural households in rural areas of Serbia. The Bank marks the end of 2015 business year in the nicest possible way – by disbursing the jubilee, one hundred thousandth loan since the start of its operations.

100 000 loans disbursed during the thirteen years of Opportunity Bank has helped to create and sustain over 100 000 jobs in Serbia, all as a result of the financial support that was of crucial importance for clients of Opportunity Bank to either continue or develop their businesses in the field of micro economy and agriculture. “In the years ahead, we will continue to contribute to the reduction of unemployment, encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to the development of Serbian micro economy, especially in areas distant from city centers where we make a practice of sending our employees to reach potential clients.” – said Vladimir Vukotic, Chairman of the Executive Board of Opportunity Bank.