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Story about Vidosav Srnic

Vidosav Srnic is a farmer from the village of Ostro near Cacak, whom Opportunity bank helped in order to improve and extend his farm.

“I have five cows and am primarily focusing on the cattle business. I also own about 6 acres of arable land, a piece of forest of 1.5 acres, and I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, because it is not safe here to only focus on one type of business. There were times when one could only do just one thing, but nowadays it would be very difficult. Once villages were full with people and one could gather ten people to help him out in a short time, but times have changed. Now I have to do everything by myself.”

But Vidosav is not alone. His family members are here to help him, and Opportunity Bank is also a big support. The goal of this bank is supporting the development of rural areas and its local communities. The Mission of Opportunity Bank is self-employment, i.e. creating opportunities for initiating and developing private micro and small businesses and agribusinesses. Therefore, when Vidosav applied for agro loan to invest into his farm, the bank was ready to help and support him without any hesitation. With the first loan from the bank, Vidosav bought piece of land across his property, and with second loan, he managed to buy a cow and extended the herd.

Although this family household is in a much better shape, Vidosav believes that it is possible to further expand the property and upgrade the existing agricultural machinery.

“Storage space is small, I could also get some new machinery, as this tractor is almost my age. I bought it in 1963. We do need some new machinery, although the old ones serves us as they are, but it would still be good to get some new equipment if there is a chance. “

For the sake of future generations who will continue the agricultural tradition, provided that they do not make the same decision as the majority of young people from the villages – to search for their happiness in the cities, Opportunity Bank is here to provide opportunities that would keep them in the villages.