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Opportunity Bank volunteers rolled up their sleeves and painted kindergarten fence

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In tune with the Bank’s motto “Big spring cleaning…“, with wich we marked a new cash loans offer this spring, on Sunday 10th May, invited by preschool institution Radosno detinjstvo “Kolibri“ from Novi Sad, Opportunity Bank organised voluntary activity to paint the deteriorated kindergarten fence.

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This call to help a preschool institution in our nearest surroundings in Novi Sad, we understood as a help to the local community we belong to and as a task of the next-door neighbour.

In the mutual activity, as af there was a race between bankers, kindergarten workers, parents and children attending this institution who will gather more volunteers, so on Saturday there were around 70 grownup participants and over 30 children. To the 170m long fence we gave a new colourful look, in accordance with the children’s wishes, and to the whole institution inspiration for new activities and successes.

We ended the day with smiles and pleasure, with numerous comments that we had finished a huge thing for all of us and our small neighbours in what resembled an atmosphere of a big picnic.