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Serbia hit by the worst flood in the last 120 years or more

Extremely heavy rain that started falling six days ago have caused overflow of rivers that burst into more than 30 towns and villages accross the country, cutting off communities and burying houses and roads. Some 25,000 people have been evacuated so far, tens of thousands of homes are without water and electricity, about 20 people have been reported dead. Besides Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia have been severely hit by floods as well.

Town of Obrenovac near the capital of Belgrade has been hit the worst – entire population has been evacuated due to the flood of river Kolubara. Water levels on the Sava river are expected to peak by Wednesday threatening Belgrade, Sabac and Sremska Mitrovica as well as the country’s biggest power plant, so the danger is not nearly over yet. The damage is currently assessed at 1.5 billion EUR, of which most will be suffered by agriculture and infrastructure.

Luckily, Serbian people have shown some great spirit and thousands of volunteers are stacking sandbags day-and-night to strenghten the most vulnerable river dams. Humanitarian aid and technical equipment are arriving from Russia and EU countries, and most Serbian companies, including banks, have made donations in kind and money, to the Serbian Red Cross and to the Government’s account opened to aid flood victims.

Once the country’s efforts are moved from saving lives, the final damage balance will probably be devastating, especially for the rural population of Serbia who have been hit the most and whose houses, fields and livestock have all disappeared in the water in the matter of hours. This will mean that they will have lost their daily bread as most of them are engaged in some form of small agricultural activity.

Opportunity Bank Serbia (OBS) has donated one million dinars as humanitarian assistance to flood victims and has started collecting financial contributions from its staff which will be used to buy hygienic packages for large number of collective centres opened accross the country, needed due to danger of infectious diseases. Our further steps will be directed towards our staff and clients, once we find out the full extent of the damage they suffered.

Please help Serbia recover from this natural disaster by donating through either OBS or through PayPal account that has been activated for the purposes of international assistance from 193 countries accross the globe. More information are available at this link.