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Even when you have a great business idea like Miroslav Mitić and Jadran Dopuđ, partners in Aerial Video Solutions Ltd. from Niš that sells equipment for aerial filming i.e. drones, success is often not possible without adequate and timely financial support. This small and young company that has been in business just slightly over one year, in a crucial moment and after already losing all hope, obtained that much needed working capital with the help of Opportunity bank’s unique application “Small Business Loan One Click Away”.

Common interests, energy and passion for unmanned aerial vehicles and shooting videos from the air, brought Miroslav and Jadran together and so the Aerial Video Solutions Ltd. was founded, a company that mainly engages in the trade of remote control models and equipment for capturing aerial shots, as well as in providing services related to drone implementation in different fields of industry, construction and agriculture. It is a creative and interesting business, however every beginning is difficult since some of the things that usually mark this period are unsafe environment and market, long time needed for development, patience etc. 

Beginnings are never easy. However, if you have a clear vision of your company and future business, you want to ensure success and secure your position, believe in your dreams and want to make them come true, success will inevitably follow.

Jadran tells us about interesting aspects of the business – “The aerial vehicles have many uses, not just capturing videos. The users of our products and services are those who have the need for using our drones and their various possibilities – production and TV companies, photographers, but also companies from the field of construction, mining, wood industry, insurance and civil protection…in other words, everyone in need of shooting quality aerial videos. Remote control models are also used in aero, ship and auto modeling. In any case, drones can help you turn your hobby into a serious and interesting business.”

At one point, it was necessary to respond to market demands and “renew” supplies, however the company ran out of funds and Miroslav and Jadran were convinced that due to the short business life of their company, they were not suitable candidates for obtaining a bank loan. Coincidentally, they found Opportunity Bank web application “Small Business Loan One Click Away” intended precisely for small business owners who want to receive information whether they are eligible for a bank loan. “We quickly needed funds in the amount of around EUR 2.000. Web application is extremely easy to use, and after completing the online form which takes only few minutes, we received a positive answer about getting a loan in the amount requested, all without going to the bank. We had a few short meetings with employees of Opportunity Bank and after the official approval of the loan, the money was transferred to our account within a few days. Based on a personal experience, I can advise others not to be afraid to invest in the development of their business. If your company needs improvement, and money is the only thing that stands in your way, this is an ideal solution.” tell us Miroslav and Jadran at the end of their story.

Do not be afraid to invest in the development of your business. If your company needs improvement and money is the only thing that stands in your way, loan is often the only solution. If you are not certain whether your business is eligible for a loan, Opportunity Bank web application “Small Business Loan One Click Away” is an ideal solution because it gives you information needed in only few minutes without going to the bank.