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NewsAssistance to 10.000 active clients


Since the establishment of Opportunity Savings Bank in 2002, Opportunity Bank has been successfully realizing its business objective – supporting the growth and development of Serbian entrepreneurship, creating new opportunities for the unemployed and economically vulnerable, as well as improving the quality of life of clients and their families.

In early April, the moment came when Opportunity Bank had 10.000 active clients in Serbia and it thus justified its constant efforts invested in the development and modernisation of products and services, continuous expansion of its portfolio of products and services and meeting the expectations of clients. Increasing the number of clients, reaching the number of 10.000 active users of the bank’s credit products, means much more to Opportunity Bank – it means the creation of new, realistic opportunities for new jobs, by supporting the growth of small enterprises, entrepreneurs and agriculture, which contributes also to stronger local communities.

That it is possible to launch or improve your own business is confirmed also by the fact that the number of 10.000 clients in fact means around 1600 new jobs and around 700 loans, in the amount of over 2.5 million euros, granted to clients who had not have any kind of business history, only a good starting idea and recognized entrepreneur potential.