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The most successful OBS clients in the category of the best woman-farmer and the best entreprenuer in 2015 were elected

On Tuesday, 8th December 2015, in the Head Office of Opportunity Bank Novi Sad, this year’s competition was completed with a special award ceremony for the most successful clients of the Bank who won the title in the two above mentioned categories.

Gordana Pajčin was elected as this year’s most successful woman farmer. She is owner of a small agricultural household and a mother of three who has been engaged in growing and selling flowers for the last twelve years with the support of her family. Gordana Pajčin started the production on a very small piece of land, but has managed to expand her production due to her hard work and effort, employing other women as well in order to meet the needs of the market and ensure the economic stability of her family. The title of the most successful woman entreprenuer went to Jasmina Gubranski, driver of a line taxi on the relation Vrdnik-Ruma for the last five years. Jasmina is a single mother of two who does this typically male job from morning till evening to ensure the better quality of life for herself and her children. In the upcoming period, she plans to encourage more women to get involved in this field of work which she enjoys tremendously.

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Opportunity Bank awarded both clients with 150.000 dinars each aimed at improving their businesses. The award was presented by the President of the Executive Board, Mr Vladimir Vukotic, during a small ceremony in the Head Office of the Bank in Novi Sad.

Continuing the six-year long tradition, OBS is providing support to the most courageous and capable women who, in addition to numerous obligations related to their households and families, still manage – with a great will and strength – to lead their agricultural households or small businesses. In this way, not only do they provide themselves with economic independence, but also provide their families with additional and often the only income, thus ensuring the better quality of life.