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Client storiesA Woman in a Traditionally Male-Dominated Occupation


Jasmina Gubranski has been a driver of a line taxi on the relation Vrdnik-Ruma for the last five years. Jasmina is a single mother of two who does this typically male job from morning till evening to ensure the better quality of life for herself and her children.

She had learned about the taxi business from her husband and after the divorce she was left with no choice but to do what she knows best, although she initially doubted whether this work was fit for a woman. Good organization helped her overcome her own doubts. She started working with clients she knew, women who needed daily transport to their offices in Ruma, 15 km away from Vrdnik. Today, she owns a well-developed business, everyone in Vrdnik knows her by her job and they turn to her first, especially women, if they need transport to the administrative center in Ruma. She has steady income from companies that pay her for transport of their employees (women) and she is satisfied with this job because it is safe and enables her to provide for her family.

In the upcoming period, if the business continues to grow, she plans to buy additional car and to encourage more women to get involved in this field of work that she enjoys tremendously, as she hopes the others will too.