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Business Loans

Business Loans – MICRO, SMALL AND DEVELOPMENT offered by Opportunity Bank are targeting all registered entrepreneurs and private companies in Serbia. Loans are available to production, services and trade industries and our goal is to stimulate the development of entrepreneurship thus contributing to creation of new jobs as well as to sustaining of the existing ones.

OBS credit facilities provided to businesses are rounded-up and include support to start-up businesses, financing upgrades of clients’ business activities regardless of the company size, and assisting in meeting both small and big needs of the Serbian business sector as well as overcoming various current or investment problems they face.

OBS business loans:

  • are available to entrepreneurs and  companies of all sizes
  • are in dinars or indexed in EUR
  • can be used for liquidity purpose, or working/fixed capital as well as for any other business-related purpose
  • are quick and do not require you to write a business plan

With the additional benefit of OBS personal Client Adviser who is always at the disposal of our clients.